XOXO Erotica: The Original LGBT Expo Wrap

Du Jour Marketing was pleased to bring XOXO Erotica to NYC for the all new LGBT Expo

Curated by Fang Ling Lee, the newly expanded booth received an incredible outpouring of interest, and support, making this the best showing of XOXO Erotica to date!

The two day LGBT Expo, held at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center is the nation's largest, and longest running event dedicated to the LGBT community.  Under the direction of Life Out Loud Events, the show floor was updated to showcase an expanded entertainment stage, informative seminars, travel, and wedding pavilions, and top of the line vendors from across the country.


The Du Jour Marketing team worked closely with event organizers, and artists to ensure a variety of styles, and themes were represented at the event. This attention to detail, along with the superior quality of our submissions allowed us to bring XOXO Erotica to one of the biggest cities in the world.  

Event organizer Jay Handy commented “Our main goal from the beginning was to maintain the integrity of the 22-year-old event while enhancing and expanding the attendee experience."  As one of over 300 vendors, and companies involved with this year's show, we can say that this goal was realized, and then some! 

LGBT Expo Crowds

Our next event will be EXXXOTICA Chicago, being held June 12 - 14th, at the Rosemont Convention Center.

If you wish to have your art returned to you before this show, please contact us with your address, and payment for shipping and handling.

A collection of photos from the XOXO Erotica at The LGBT Expo are available in our dropbox, located here: 


Thank you once again for your incredible talent, and support!  Stay tuned for more information on XOXO 2015!

Team Du Jour - Gracie Hagen

Gracie Hagen


Gracie Hagen is a self taught artist, and digital media prep specialist from Chicago, IL.

Ms. Hagen's unique aesthetic, and skill set is guided by her desire to create images that appeal to her.  It is the honesty with which she creates that draws people to her photography & videography.  The complexity of Gracie's human subjects is what compels her to use them as the predominant subject in her pieces. 

Through her work, Gracie works with everyday themes including who we are, and how we see ourselves, to expose the open, vulnerable, and sometimes uncomfortable realities of our hidden natures.  Gracie is completely fascinated by her process, and how it reveals elements of our shared humanity.  Simultaneously exploring, and illustrating feelings with her art, while provoking social discourse via narratives, or written accompaniments, is her main artistic goal, with production of marketable, and popular pieces being a side effect of this honest, and compelling process.    

Gracie's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Beautiful Decay, The Daily Mail, and more. 

In addition to her creative high art pieces, Gracie also runs a commercial portrait studio (Gracie Hagen Photography) where she takes photos of families, couples, and pets.  These too are injected with her signature style, and unique finish, and have received great acclaim, and attention.  Her portrait work has appeared in galleries, and on the pages of business websites, showing her incredible ability to apply her aesthetic to the needs of any client, or platform.  

Ms. Hagen's digital media talents are completely self taught, honed during the development and expansion of of her own unique brand.   This has given her 4 years of hands on experience with brand identity, social media video production, social media platforms, market research, project management, and digital media manipulation.  

Gracie has put this expanded skill set to use as a contractor for Du Jour Marketing since 2012, and we are happy to include her in our newest round of projects in 2014!



Gracie Hagen Photography

Team Du Jour - Boo Mockingbird Design

Boo Mockingbird Design

Boo Mockingbird Design

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Boo comes to us with a wealth of experience and talent, garnered on her journeys across the country, and the world. 

Boo's parents introduced to her to art, and travel at an early age.  From painting canvas,' to enjoying, and collecting art from Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, her numerous, and diverse travels have coloured the way she sees the world, and designs her graphics. 

Accepted to several post secondary institutions, including Emily Carr Institute right here in Vancouver , Boo decided to stay close to home, earning her first degree in Electronic Pre-Press and Design at NBCC.  This knowledge, coupled with her second degree in Advanced Studies and Marketing, has garnered her a high level of professional training, and success in the Pre-Press, and Graphic Arts industry.  

We are excited to add Boo Mockingbird Design's printing, and graphics expertise to the Du Jour Team, where her incredible talent, and experience can bring your ideas to fruition in a tangible, qualitative way. 


Team Du Jour - Sash


Sash is an animal lover, pescetarian, oddity purveyor, and green tea addict, who has been building computers for as long as she can remember.  Born and raised in LA, the self professed "tech whisperer" grew up amid many types of technology; beginning with analogue recording materials, and maturing into the realm of digital media.

Sash also had the benefit of working for renowned international brand SuicideGirls as in-office customer service, tech support, and inventory manager, and remotely as convention manager, and media personality.

Sash 2

Sash is a quick study in all things related to digital media, and today specializes in web design, web development, brand amplification, analytics, SEO optimization, and SEM campaigns.

Her incredibly diverse range of digital media skills, coupled with her caring, and detailed approach to clients, makes her an integral member of Team Du Jour.  Our portfolio already contains many fine examples of Sash's web work, and we can't wait to expand that list to include even more of her impressive work.


Team Du Jour - Stormy

Photo by Rick Legal
Photo by Rick Legal

Stormy is an ambitious model, artist, and all around creative soul. 

Her background in creative writing, photography, acting, and fine arts, along with her knack for attractive social media posts, makes her an ideal member of Team Du Jour.  

Spurred by her love of activity, and assisting others, Stormy briefly worked in the fitness industry, however, it wasn't long before her creative leanings drew her towards the exciting world of fashion, fine art, and modelling. She has since attended conventions, appeared at shows, and assisted at stage performances for SuicideGirls, and worked as an integral part of Du Jour Marketing, at events such asXOXO Erotica, and theTaboo Sex Show

Stormy has also launched her own online accessory store"Stormy Enterprise", where she sells hand made jewellery, accessories, and artwork.   

Always keen to take on new challenges, and collaborate with other creative, and ambitious minds, Stormy is a natural fit for the Du Jour team.  Her keen eye, and quick hand will help her to represent our clients with her personal brand of care, and flair.  


Team Du Jour - Randi Dias

One look at a day in the life of Randi, and you’ll wonder how she finds the time to fit everything in! Her key to success is quite simple really…PASSION!

Randi has a remarkable desire to motivate, and inspire others to be the best they can be, and has based her own life around this very model.  Searching for happiness and positivity in every aspect of her day to day routine, she is driven by the satisfaction of watching other people’s lives change!

From her own fitness training, and coaching clients through her business ACE Athletics, to specializing in Instagram based marketing, all the way to being the best Momma she can be, one thing you’ll learn very quickly about Randi is that she is a master at multi-tasking. 

 “Bring it on!” she says. “I thrive in an environment that is busy. I love a challenge, and the more obstacles I have, the more obstacles I have to overcome! It’s all in how you look at things, whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You are right!”

Let’s not assume Randi is all business. She also loves to let loose, be silly, and of course indulge in chocolate every now and then. The overall balance in her life is what creates her happiness, successes, and makes her a perfect fit for Team Du Jour.

“Come along for the ride”

@RandiFitMom | Instagram | Facebook

Team Du Jour - Tita Cupcakedujour

Tita does a lot of things.  Modeling is just one of them.  The self described "professional traveler, cupcake galavanter, fitness fan, and pantless wonder" clearly has varied interests, which far from being at odds, are in fact the very glue that holds her together.  

A long time professional athlete, Tita's lifestyle is a balance of discipline, and complete madness.  From photo shoots, to producing video and viral content, Tita works in front of, and behind the cameras and computers, as a member of Team Rockstar with Steve Prue, and as the creative director of Du Jour Marketing.  She also helps to run events for SuicideGirls, and other alternative brands, mentors models and athletes, and runs a successful blog over at www.cupcakedujour.ca

Tita currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, but this pint sized ball of fury can often be found at conventions throughout the United States, and Canada.  You can follow along with her adventures via social media, where she goes by "Cupcakedujour" for obvious reasons.  

Tita's plans for the future include continuing to contribute online and print content to media outlets, lifestyle and fitness brands, and to inspire, direct, and broaden brands, and individuals via the services provided by Du Jour Marketing.  


@cupcakedujour | Instagram 


Team Du Jour - Kait Huziak

While working her way through a Journalism degree and fulfilling a job as a marketing coordinator, Kait eagerly took up the opportunity to become a member of the DuJour Marketing team. As an intern, she will be as stealthy as a ninja, working behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. 

Although it's undeniable that she has a few screws loose, Kait finds happiness in being a 21st century hippie and an obsessive compulsive music aficionado. She also possesses the ability to give Martha Stewart a run for her money (minus the jail time). Whether she's crafting up wardrobe pieces for her never ending list of music festivals or perfecting her baking connoisseur skills, she's always plotting the ways to keep her creative desires entertained.   


So even though some may deem her as maniacal for taking on such a heavy workload, she truly feels that there's an infinite value in being part of such a talented and skilled team. 

Twitter: @kmhuziak
Instagram:  @kmhuziak

Team Du Jour - Avery Lane

Photo by Steve Prue
Photo by Steve Prue

A small town girl with a big city heart, Avery brings a get up and go attitude to DuJour Marketing.  At 18 she packed up the Ford Escort and moved to Vancouver to pursue her passion for Arts and Entertainment Management at Capilano University.  Through this program Avery was able to work with and learn from some very inspiring individuals in the industry.  Her first love has always been Hip Hop and she was lucky enough to spend some time involved in live and recorded music at Camobear Records, Biltmore Cabaret and with the Donnelly Group.

These days you can find Avery killing it as a very proud adopted Vancouverite. Whether it’s on the ice playing hockey or jumping into a 30 day yoga challenge; she loves to live with a “never say no” mindset. She hustles hard whether it’s for work or for play and her love of social media, events and marketing makes her perfect for Team DuJour.

Check out Avery online to get to know her better. Who knows what she’ll get into next.

Twitter: @Ave_Dogg
Instagram: @Ave__Dogg