Lords x No5 Orange 'Release Party'

September 12th at the No5 Orange Showroom

Lords of Gastown and No5 Orange present a Design Release Party to support their brand new collaboration, and benefit local charities.

The fresh, sexy new t-shirt design will be officially launched, and the Lords will be on hand with Limited Edition Tee's, Tanks, & Hoodies.  Patrons will be treated to the No. 5's top of the line exotic performances, plus drink specials, an event sponsored photo booth, and tattoo booth on site.  

Proceeds from sales of the new design will be sent to support women's shelters. In keeping with the spirit of the No5 Orange; DJ’s will help set the scene for this staggeringly sexy, and all around appealing event, featuring the most skillful and seductive dancers in Vancouver, while supporting women in the DTES and surrounding community.  

Lords Of Gastown

Thinkers, dreamers, and makers - Lords of Gastown is an apparel company based in the heart of Railtown.  Philanthropists with an edge, and bikers with a cause, The Lords of Gastown have positioned themselves as supporters of, and active members of the new Downtown East Side.  Their gear and apparel is a wearable, and thought provoking take on the typical biker look.  

No. 5 Orange

The No5 Orange Showroom is a historic exotic gentleman’s club. Over the years many infamous names have passed through including Sylvester Stallone, Bill Murray and the band Aerosmith.  This year marks a new chapter in No5’s history and the collaboration with Lords of Gastown is just the beginning.  

With a brand new gourmet menu by well known Vancouver chef Stu Irving, there is something for everyone’s tastes at the No5 Orange.

Join Lords of Gastown and members of the DTES community at No5 Orange Showroom on September 12th 9pm until late!

Official Event Page:

Lords Of Gastown:
Facebook@LordsofGastown | Tumblr


No5 Orange:
http://www.no5orange.ca/ | Facebook


Team DuJour At: Vilonious HQ

Tita recently had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of our friends   Vilonious     in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Tita recently had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of our friends Vilonious in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

 Vilonious started out in 2007 as a nothing more than a name. I always intended for the main purpose of the "name" to be an apparel line, but in it's early days, it was the name I operated under creatively as a photographer and graphic designer. It took several years of planning, and failing, and re-planning to get to the point we are at today. I learned many lessons on this journey, both personally and professionally, and all the knowledge that I've collected over these last 5 years has given me the tools to be successful.

My goal as an apparel line, is to only make the things that I want to own. Every piece of our collections is something that was designed and produced in house, and since everything that leaves our doors is wearing my name, I make it my duty to make sure that every piece is as perfect as it can be.

Live for the moment,


It seems everyone has a lifestyle brand these days.  From musicians, to reality TV stars, the high street is flooded with apparel, designs, and accessories for literally every lifestyle and walk of life.  None more popular or in demand, than those affiliated with youth culture; preferably the tattooed variety. 

Mika Lovely + Tita by Steve Prue

Mika Lovely + Tita by Steve Prue

Vilonious pull away from the pack, thanks to their incredible work ethic, and resolve to create something unique and inspiring.  

"We don't want to do what everyone else is doing.  We want to lead them to what's next."

With an on site print shop, design firm, photo studio, clothing presses, and a bevvy of attractive patrons, these guys have everything in place to make an impressive mark on the industry.  We love their energy, and can't wait to see what they come up with next!