Team Du Jour - Gracie Hagen

Gracie Hagen


Gracie Hagen is a self taught artist, and digital media prep specialist from Chicago, IL.

Ms. Hagen's unique aesthetic, and skill set is guided by her desire to create images that appeal to her.  It is the honesty with which she creates that draws people to her photography & videography.  The complexity of Gracie's human subjects is what compels her to use them as the predominant subject in her pieces. 

Through her work, Gracie works with everyday themes including who we are, and how we see ourselves, to expose the open, vulnerable, and sometimes uncomfortable realities of our hidden natures.  Gracie is completely fascinated by her process, and how it reveals elements of our shared humanity.  Simultaneously exploring, and illustrating feelings with her art, while provoking social discourse via narratives, or written accompaniments, is her main artistic goal, with production of marketable, and popular pieces being a side effect of this honest, and compelling process.    

Gracie's work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Beautiful Decay, The Daily Mail, and more. 

In addition to her creative high art pieces, Gracie also runs a commercial portrait studio (Gracie Hagen Photography) where she takes photos of families, couples, and pets.  These too are injected with her signature style, and unique finish, and have received great acclaim, and attention.  Her portrait work has appeared in galleries, and on the pages of business websites, showing her incredible ability to apply her aesthetic to the needs of any client, or platform.  

Ms. Hagen's digital media talents are completely self taught, honed during the development and expansion of of her own unique brand.   This has given her 4 years of hands on experience with brand identity, social media video production, social media platforms, market research, project management, and digital media manipulation.  

Gracie has put this expanded skill set to use as a contractor for Du Jour Marketing since 2012, and we are happy to include her in our newest round of projects in 2014!



Gracie Hagen Photography