For Immediate Release: DOGTOWN A Photographic Exhibit by Zhamak Fullad

Photographer Zhamak Fullad presents, “Dogtown”, her first solo photography exhibition In Vancouver at The Fall Tattooing and Gallery located at 644 Seymour St on Friday, September 26thfrom 8pm-2am.


Featuring a live performance by folk musician Elliot C. Way, DJ sets by Keenan Cave and Liam Leer, with an artistic appearance from Graffiti artist Darwin Seculles, this evening promises to be full of unexampled art and entertainment.

Fuelled by a desire to create raw and unique images, Zhamak chose to photograph male friends and acquaintances in both digital and film format. “I already get my models to be natural” she states, “The grains of film capture that beautifully”. Without a need for flashy make-up and hair, Zhamak was able to put focus on her subjects vulnerable personalities and emotions.

“Dogtown” is an exhibit hoping to inspire us to step out of the self-obsessed world of social media faux-fame and into the world of true human connection.


Doors open at 8pm, admittance is by Donation (suggested donated of $2)


Contact Zhamak Fullad at