Team Du Jour - Sash


Sash is an animal lover, pescetarian, oddity purveyor, and green tea addict, who has been building computers for as long as she can remember.  Born and raised in LA, the self professed "tech whisperer" grew up amid many types of technology; beginning with analogue recording materials, and maturing into the realm of digital media.

Sash also had the benefit of working for renowned international brand SuicideGirls as in-office customer service, tech support, and inventory manager, and remotely as convention manager, and media personality.

Sash 2

Sash is a quick study in all things related to digital media, and today specializes in web design, web development, brand amplification, analytics, SEO optimization, and SEM campaigns.

Her incredibly diverse range of digital media skills, coupled with her caring, and detailed approach to clients, makes her an integral member of Team Du Jour.  Our portfolio already contains many fine examples of Sash's web work, and we can't wait to expand that list to include even more of her impressive work.